The Comprehensive Guide to Kong Gateway Issues in China

Explore the intricacies of Kong Gateway technology and how to navigate through speed and compliance issues in China.

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Kong Gateway is an API gateway technology designed to secure, manage, and extend APIs and microservices across multiple industries. It allows businesses to augment their existing APIs using plugins, reducing development time and costs. Kong Gateway is trusted by industry giants like WeWork, The New York Times, and Intuit for their vast scalable applications.

The efficient, super-fast, and highly adaptable nature of Kong Gateway makes it a choice for many other companies, including T-Mobile, Cargill, and Zillow. These corporations utilize Kong Gateway to create, manage, and secure their APIs, making their services highly flexible and adaptable.

This versatile technology is backed by cloud infrastructures such as AWS and Google Cloud, providing robust support for high-scale operations. Learn more about its capabilities from Kong Gateway’s official documentation here.


Diving into Kong Gateway’s functionality in the Chinese market, we find two primary issues - speed or loading issues and legal as well as compliance concerns. The former occurs due to compatibility problems with local sites and the latter due to stringent regulations in China.

Interoperability problems between Kong Gateway and Chinese sites sometimes lead to slow speed or loading issues, negatively affecting user experience. You can learn more about this issue from Link: this post.

Compliance is another hurdle that foreign technologies face in the Chinese market. Kong Gateway, like any other international tech, needs to meet these regulatory standards to work effectively in China. Read in detail about compliance challenges in China from Link: this post.

While Kong Gateway does have partnerships with cloud services like AWS and Google Cloud, they are not yet fully compliant with Chinese regulations. Check out Kong Gateway’s partnerships on their official page here.

Though these issues can pose challenges, solutions like 21YunBox can help businesses maneuver through these problems seamlessly. With tailored solutions to enhance website and app performance, 21YunBox simplifies the process of using Kong Gateway in China.

An interesting statistic to note: Kong Gateway now processes billions of transactions per day for its global user base. Twitter has seen prolific discussions on Kong Gateway usage and experiences under #KongGateway, further highlighting its popularity.

Remember, attaining success with Kong Gateway in China is possible with the right support and tools.

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