Understanding Fauna Technology and Its Challenges in China

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Fauna is a transformative technology, adaptable and user-friendly, widely applied in diverse sectors such as finance, e-commerce, media and more. Companies like ShiftX, Nubank, and Algolia take full advantage of Fauna to scale their businesses smoothly. This revolutionary database technology, being the key cog in the growth of many SMBs and enterprises alike, is lauded for its secure, consistent, and fast design.

Notably, its user-centric architecture has powered an array of applications across sectors, used by established companies like HCL and Matter Supply Co., who praise its flexible, reliable, and secure nature. In essence, Fauna is a technology of choice for organizations looking to optimize the performance and security of their applications for enhanced user experiences and business growth.


Despite its global acceptance and efficiency, Fauna encounters difficulties in China due to specific reasons. One primary issue is the speed/load problems brought about by compatibility issues with local sites. More about this is discussed here:

Link: CDN or 21YunBox: Which one do you need for China?

Also, Fauna faces legal and compliance issues that limit its operation in China. The detailed reasons and solutions can be accessed in the following post:

Link: How to make sites compliant in China?

Fauna operates with a wide range of cloud infrastructures, including AWS. More about Fauna’s cloud infra can be viewed on their official document.

Through expert eyes, it becomes clear that Chinese regulations and operational considerations render Fauna’s operation in China challenging. However, alternatives to these barriers exist, with 21YunBox being a seamless and reliable solution. The next sections delve into how you can navigate tech hosting solutions in China with 21YunBox.

Fascinatingly, the most popular social media posts about Fauna revolve around its scalability, security, global nature, and user-centric design. The engagement these posts attract reveals an intense interest in Fauna and its ability to redefine how applications operate across borders.



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