In the ever-expanding world of e-commerce, China presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The Chinese e-commerce market is tightly regulated to prevent fraud and money laundering. If you’re an e-commerce site owner in the West looking to tap into this lucrative market, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the intricacies of setting up your e-commerce venture in China.

Understanding the Regulatory Landscape

Link: E-Commerce Law of the People’s Republic of China

China’s e-commerce regulations are more stringent than those in many other countries. To operate legally in the Chinese marketplace, you’ll need to obtain two critical licenses:

  1. ICP Beian (ICP备案), ICP Filing: This standard ICP license allows you to host a website in China.

  2. ICP Commercial: This license permits you to accept online payments and is typically required for online stores selling services or physical goods.

Link: How To Get An ICP License In China

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While most online marketplaces in China have not enforced the commercial ICP requirement, some are becoming more stringent, such as It’s essential to keep an eye on evolving compliance standards.

Websites without ICP Filing or ICP Commercial licenses are inaccessible in Mainland China. You can find the ICP license numbers on Chinese websites, usually displayed at the bottom of their front pages:

Tesla's ICP Filing Number
Tesla's ICP Filing Number

Applying for an ICP License in China

You can initiate the ICP license application process before your website goes live. However, you must engage a local hosting provider in China and submit around ten documents, which can vary by province. On average, it takes about 20 business days to secure an ICP license.

Link: How To Get An ICP License In China

Foreign companies are generally not eligible for ICP licenses. Instead, they often partner with Chinese internet companies to leverage their licenses. This is where 21YunBox can assist. By partnering with us, your company can navigate the regulatory landscape effectively, ensuring legal compliance.

Hosting Your Online Store in China

Apart from ICP licenses, 21YunBox can help you with:

  • Creating a Chinese Domain Name: A Chinese domain name is essential for licensing and must undergo real-name verification. It’s a prerequisite for hosting in China.

Link: How To Register a .CN domain

  • Hosting Your Site in China: Chinese law mandates that data collected in China stays within its borders, including personal information. This necessitates hosting your site and databases on servers physically located in China. This ensures faster loading times and a smoother experience for Chinese users.

The 21YunBox Advantage

21YunBox offers a comprehensive solution for your e-commerce needs in China. We not only assist with licensing but also provide services like marketing, user acquisition, payment integration for the Chinese market, and customer support. With our expertise, you can launch your e-commerce venture in China while maintaining control of your content.

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