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ABOUT PLATFORM.SH, a leading web platform for continuous deployment and agile workflows, has been revolutionizing the hosting industry. Known for its flexibility and scalability, it caters to a broad spectrum of businesses, from startups to large corporations.

Major users of include Adobe, who values its robust cloud infrastructure, and The British Council, leveraging its global scalability for educational content delivery. Additionally, companies like Unity, Reiss, and Magento trust for their web application needs, showcasing its ability to handle diverse and demanding digital environments.

While’s innovation and efficiency are well-received globally, its venture into the Chinese market faces unique hurdles. These challenges, primarily in speed, compatibility, and compliance, necessitate an in-depth understanding of the local digital landscape.


Speed and Compatibility Concerns

One of the most pressing issues for in China is speed and loading times, often attributed to compatibility problems with China’s internet infrastructure. This situation is further complicated by the Great Firewall, which significantly impacts the performance of services hosted outside mainland China.

Navigating China’s complex legal and regulatory environment is a major challenge for Adhering to the country’s stringent internet laws and regulations is vital for foreign technology providers to operate effectively and legally within China.

Hosting Services and Local Support

Although is a global entity, it lacks direct Points of Presence (POPs) in mainland China. This absence can lead to latency issues and a compromised user experience for Chinese clients, underscoring the need for local hosting solutions.

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To address these challenges, 21YunBox provides customized solutions for users in China, ensuring enhanced performance and compliance.

Experience seamless hosting in China with, complemented by 21YunBox’s tailored solutions. Our services bridge the gap, ensuring compliance and optimal performance for your digital ventures.

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