Does Vimeo Work in China
Does Vimeo Work in China

TLDR; Vimeo is blocked in China, and in this article, we provide easy ways to fix it legitimately in China.

Many of our clients that create and publish video content have been asking us the following question:

Does Vimeo work in China?

The short answer is NO. Vimeo is completely blocked in China. This means any content that is hosted or streamed on Vimeo, regardless of its content, both embedded or via a direct link, both Vimeo videos and Vimeo live streaming, is unable to be delivered to visitors in China.

For those who are not familiar, Vimeo is an ad-free video streaming and live streaming platform. It is also the first video-sharing platform to offer high-definition video. After Vimeo went live in 2004, it was blocked by China in October 2009.

Not just Vimeo, the majority of video platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are banned too so aren’t able to stream content to Chinese audiences from within mainland China.

Vimeo Live Streaming
Vimeo Live Streaming

Why is Vimeo blocked in China?

The main reason is due to content restrictions. You should have heard of the Great Firewall, which is controlled by the Chinese government’s censorship system so that people in China can only stream approved content. All external video content platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo are blocked in China because their content is user-generated.

The regulations with live streaming are even more stringent in China, for example, foreign users inside China are simply blocked from live streaming completely. So Vimeo live streaming is blocked in China as well.

Additionally, any website legally operated in China need to have an ICP license—which is short for an “Internet Content Provider” license — a special permit issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

For those who have never heard about the ICP, it would be favorable to have a look at a previous article What is an ICP License for China? but the main point that you have to know about the ICP license is:

Only websites with an ICP license can legally operate in China and can be accessed by Chinese visitors. This ensures that the website content complies with China’s strict rules.

To understand more about getting an ICP, you can read our article How To Apply For An ICP in 2022?

Websites like Vimeo do not have a business presence in mainland China, thus it does not have an ICP license to operate in China legally.

Typical sites and videos are perform poorly in China.
Typical sites and videos are perform poorly in China.

What are the solutions?

In conclusion, Vimeo is blocked in China.

However, with almost endless potential, embedded videos and live streaming are an incredible way to enhance both marketing and brand awareness. And there are ways to make your Vimeo video content work and accessible at the best speed in China.

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