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ABOUT Hello Audio

Hello Audio, a cutting-edge technology, has evolved as the answer to audio-sharing needs for creators and educators. By allowing users to make private podcast feeds, it brings a whole new level of convenience to the audio learning and sharing process. This platform exhibits a comprehensive focus on security, ease of distribution, and listener experience, making it a favorite amongst technology connoisseurs.

Being widely adopted, several corporations such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon make significant use of Hello Audio. Small companies, notwithstanding their scale, are continually integrating Hello Audio into their systems. Large corporations including IBM and Oracle find it indispensable for handling large scale operations.


Hello Audio, despite its brilliance, faces a myriad of challenges in China due to speed/loading issues and compliance complexities. An individual post describes more on these issues.

Compatibility issues often lead to slow loading times, causing a hindrance with the site’s performance from a traditional CDN perspective. While Hello Audio shines on AWS and Google Cloud abroad, in China, it often gets bottlenecked due to heavy localization.

Legal and compliance pose another burden. The legal landscape in China for technology is unique, often causing rigidities for foreign technology like Hello Audio.

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There exist few heartening statistics about Hello Audio. By turning private podcast feeds into a shareable audio experience, Hello Audio has a tenfold increase in listener engagement. Considering social media posts, creators using Hello Audio have witnessed a 60% increase in shares and likes.

Using 21YunBox, the compliance and loading speed issues can be resolved effectively. With 21YunBox, users can streamline their process from Hello Audio to our hosting platform. The result is a clean and speedy streaming experience alongside following all legal and compliance prerequisites.



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