Understanding Altis Technology and its Challenges in China

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Altis is an open-source digital experience platform that enables businesses to create unique digital experiences aligned to their brand and audience. It powers the digital experiences of companies like Human Made, News UK, and USA Today. Large scale companies such as TechCrunch, Fairfax Media, and Greenpeace also utilize Altis for its robust features and excellent user experience.

This technology enables businesses to take control of their content, increase engagement through personalization, and rapidly innovate in their digital interactions. With the extensive user interface offered by Altis, companies can swiftly integrate it into their existing system and maintain an edge in their business operations.


Despite the prevalent use of Altis among global corporations, it has faced several challenges in the Chinese market. One of the primary issues being the speed and loading time of site content. This is mainly due to the compatibility problems between the Altis-powered websites and the local Chinese infrastructure.

Link: Speed and Loading Issues : A Detailed Insight

Furthermore, there are concerns around Altis’s compliance with China’s strict internet regulations. Companies using Altis technology need to address these challenges to ensure their services run smoothly within Chinese borders.

Link: Legal and Compliance Challenges for Websites In China

Moreover, it is essential to note that Altis does not have its cloud infrastructure. It is dominantly AWS reliant for hosting services; hence, it becomes even more critical for businesses to ensure full adaptation and integration with local Chinese networks.

Based on these prevalent issues, organisations using Altis technology need to resort to solutions offered by efficient platforms like 21YunBox that streamline the entire process while maintaining full compliance with Chinese regulations.

Some popular posts about Altis include discussions on implementing it for generating personalized digital experiences and addressing its loading issues in the Chinese market.



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