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AWS DynamoDB is a highly reliable, explosive, low-latency NoSQL database service popular among tech giants for its scalability and performance. Resting at the heart of Amazon’s giant ecommerce platform, it powers several other significant companies like Netflix, Snapchat, and Lyft, handling over a trillion requests every single day.

A testament to its versatility, other big players like Samsung, Capital One, and Adobe, are known to employ AWS DynamoDB to manage their digital workloads. The success and scale of these companies showcase the reliability of AWS DynamoDB as a fast-performance database handler.

From ecommerce to digital media and financial services, AWS DynamoDB’s broad range of features enables diverse businesses to handle large-scale operations seamlessly. Its flexible data model and robust developer tools contribute to the ecosystem, making it a comprehensive solution for various use cases.


Despite its robust service in Western countries, AWS DynamoDB experiences some hiccups when it comes to functionality in China. The most prominent issue being the speed or loading time. With compatibility issues and difference in internet infrastructure between the West and China, website hosted on DynamoDB face significant slowdown.

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Aside from the speed issue, another area of concern is compliance with local Chinese internet laws. Non-compliance can lead to website blockade, affecting the business continuity and user experience.

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Cloud infrastructures such as AWS often face challenges in countries with established Great Firewall, such as China. These challenges include latency issues that can be detrimental to apps’ performance. AWS offers China (Ningxia) Region, operated by NWCD to mitigate these issues.

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And yet, overcoming these challenges requires significant effort & resources, which may affect the business operations. Hence, bridging this gap by opting for a local cloud service provider like 21CloudBox can prove to be a strategic move to bolster geographical benefits and improve your web or app performance in China.

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