How to publish my app in China?
How to publish my app in China?

There are several requirements and steps to follow in order to publish an app on Chinese app stores, such as the Huawei App Market Store, Oppo Software Store, VIVO App Store, Tencent My App Store, and MIUI App Store.

Here is a general outline of the process:

1. Register as a developer

In order to publish an app on a Chinese app store, you need to register as a developer on the store’s platform. This usually requires you to provide personal and company information, as well as agree to the store’s terms of service.

2. Prepare your app

Before submitting your app to the store, you need to make sure it meets the store’s technical and content guidelines. This includes things like ensuring the app is stable and free of bugs, and that it follows local laws and regulations.

3. Localize your app

It is important to make sure your app is tailored to the local market. This includes translating the app into Chinese, as well as adapting the app to local cultural and technical standards.

4. Submit your app

Once you have registered as a developer and prepared your app, you can submit it to the app store for review. This usually involves filling out an online form and uploading the app’s binary file, as well as any accompanying graphics and metadata.

5. Wait for review

After submitting your app, it will go through a review process to ensure it meets the store’s standards. This can take several weeks.

6. Launch your app

If your app is approved, it will be made available on the app store. You can then start promoting your app and tracking its performance through the store’s developer dashboard.

Keep in mind that the specific requirements and steps may vary depending on the app store you are using. It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the store’s guidelines and requirements before starting the process.

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