Understanding PlanetScale Technology and its Challenges in China

Explore PlanetScale technology, a database as a service built on Vitess, its applications, the organizations using it, and its challenges when operating in China.

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ABOUT PlanetScale

PlanetScale is a database as a service built on Vitess, an open-source database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL. Its primary function is to manage and scale databases for dynamic web applications. The vehicle renting giant, Zoomcar, Social media platform, Slack, and the online content community, Reddit are some of the big companies using PlanetScale.

PlanetScale provides a scalable MySQL platform that can be used by organizations of all sizes. It helps in ensuring high availability of databases, de-risking migrations, and eliminating application-specific sharding logic. Shopify, JD.Com, and Square are examples of large-scale enterprises that leverage the power of PlanetScale.

Serving thousands of users every day, its scalability and ability to handle large data traffic make it a desirable tech resource for businesses. GitHub’s review application, Pull Panda, and the software development platform, Kubernetes use PlanetScale for smooth and efficient data management.


China presents a unique challenge for tech companies due to its unique governmental regulations and internet infrastructure. Often, technology like Planetscale faces issues pertaining to speed and loading caused by compatibility problems with the local internet structure of China.

Legal and compliance issues pose an additional challenge. The strict regulations outlined by the Chinese government require foreign companies to comply with a complex set of cybersecurity laws before they can operate in the country. These legal barriers often hinder the usual functioning and reliability of PlanetScale in China.

PlanetScale leans heavily on cloud-based infrastructures such as AWS and Google Cloud to operate. However, these international platforms often face accessibility and performance issues in China due to stringent internet restrictions.

Link: PlanetScale’s Infrastructure Information

Despite these challenges, companies can seek to leverage services like 21YunBox to streamline the operation of their tech resources in China, without the need to worry about compliance and speed restrictions.

Remember: It’s essential to stay up to date with interesting stats and popular social posts about PlanetScale technology that can provide insights into how businesses overcome challenges with this technology in China.



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