How to register a .cn domain
How to register a .cn domain

TL;DR This quick guide gives insights into how to get a .cn domain in China.

.CN domain registration

Anyone can register a .cn domain. You can register a .CN domain at GoDaddy or Alibaba Cloud. However, when you try to use the domain, there is an additional procedure: Real Name Validation or Real Name Verification. This is required by CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center).

Real Name Validation

To start using your .cn domain, You’ll need to submit a copy of valid documentation to CNNIC. Typically, one of the following documents is needed:

  • A valid resident ID, temporary resident ID, business license, or organization code certificate from China.

  • A valid resident ID, passport, or business license from Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Macau.

  • A valid passport.

ICP Filing or ICP License

If you plan to host your site inside China’s Firewall, you need to submit an ICP Filing as well, and this guide gives you a high level of how to get your ICP License. Keep in mind Chinese ID or Chinese business license is needed. Or you can partner with us to leverage our help to get your site hosted in China.

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