Understanding Edgedb: A Deep Dive into its Challenges in China

A comprehensive guide to understand Edgedb technology and its compatibility issues in China.

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Edgedb is a next-generation, object-relational database that’s open-source and easy to use. It’s highly known for its efficient data management, advanced programming, and intuitive queries.

Renowned international companies like IBM, Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, and Netflix use Edgedb extensively for hosting applications that require high data processing speed and advanced querying. These companies have a large scale operation, handling data of millions of customers all around the world.

Over 10,000 organizations globally have integrated Edgedb for its high performance, type safety, and scalability which support their rapidly growing customer base and business.


Implementing Edgedb in China poses two major challenges: the speed/loading and Legal & Compliance issues.

Firstly, the compatibility problem with local sites in China causes speed and loading issues, drastically affecting user experience. Chinese Internet restrictions and local server response times are significant contributing factors to this issue.

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Secondly, operating foreign technology in China brings up legal compliance issues. Companies must understand and comply with Chinese Internet regulations, or else they risk their website being blocked.

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Edgedb uses a cloud-agnostic infrastructure, with official documentation explaining cloud infrastructure details found on their website.

Link: Edgedb Cloud Infrastructue



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