Understanding GoDaddy's Performance and Issues in China

Detailed insights and analysis of GoDaddy's technology, its widespread use, and the specifics of its performance in the Chinese market.

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GoDaddy is a globally renowned web hosting provider, known for many years for its reliability, affordable prices, and vast range of services it offers, including domain registration, website building, and hosting. It serves millions of customers worldwide, including individuals, small and large businesses.

Among their prominent clients are TechCrunch, Quartz, and Slack, along with smaller firms and independent professionals. The versatile services offered by GoDaddy has allowed it to cater to diverse industries ranging from media houses to tech companies and everything in between.

Link: Official Godaddy Website


Despite its extensive global presence, GoDaddy users encounter several issues when it comes to accessing services in mainland China. The primary concerns revolve around two issues: speed/loading issues and existing legal & compliance regulations.

Since GoDaddy does not have any hosting server in mainland China, accessing websites hosted on GoDaddy often experiences slow speed or loading issues. This is fueled by compatibility problems with the site due to the geographical location.

Link: Understanding CDN issues

Moreover, GoDaddy faces legal and compliance issues in China. The strict regulations imposed by the Chinese Internet Service Provider (ISP) often make it challenging for websites hosted on GoDaddy to comply.

Link: Compliance issues in China

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