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Scaleway, a renowned name in the cloud hosting industry, offers a diverse range of services including dedicated servers, cloud instances, and Object Storage. Known for its innovation and scalability, Scaleway has become a go-to choice for numerous companies worldwide.

Major companies leveraging Scaleway’s technology include Veepee, a European e-commerce giant; Le Monde, one of France’s leading newspapers; and Viber, a global instant messaging and calling app. These companies, along with startups like and successful tech ventures like, illustrate Scaleway’s ability to cater to a wide range of scales and needs.

However, while Scaleway excels in many regions, its performance in China is a different story. This is mainly due to compatibility and compliance challenges that often impact foreign technology platforms operating within China.


Speed and Compatibility Challenges

One of the primary issues with Scaleway in China is speed and loading challenges, primarily caused by compatibility issues with local websites. This problem is not unique to Scaleway; it’s a common challenge for many foreign hosting services operating in China due to the Great Firewall and other regulatory measures.

In addition to technical challenges, Scaleway users in China often face legal and compliance issues. The Chinese internet is highly regulated, and foreign companies must adhere to strict data and content regulations to operate legally.

Hosting Services and Support in China

While Scaleway offers robust services globally, its direct presence in mainland China is limited. This means that companies using Scaleway for hosting services in China may experience reduced performance and increased latency.

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As Scaleway does not have a significant infrastructure in mainland China, it’s often necessary for businesses targeting Chinese audiences to partner with local hosting solutions like 21YunBox.

Streamline your web and app performance in China with 21YunBox. Our tailored solutions ensure compliance and high-speed delivery, making your transition from Scaleway smooth and effective.

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