Understanding Trustpilot and Its Challenges in China

This post provides a comprehensive review of Trustpilot technology, its significance, companies using it, and the issues faced when using Trustpilot in China.

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Trustpilot is a popular review platform known for its comprehensive consumer-quality evaluations. It has grown immensely across the globe, offering businesses a platform to build their online reputation.

Some leading companies that use this technology include H&M, Zara, Alibaba, Adobe, and Microsoft due to its robust capacity to handle scale and user integrity.

Link: About Trustpilot


As the use of Trustpilot grows in China, so do the associated issues. The first is the speed/loading issues caused by compatibility problems with the site.

In addition, there are also legal and compliance issues. Compliance in China is a complex field due to the different legal frameworks in place.

Trustpilot, like many web services, uses Cloud Infrastructure. The majority of these cloud services are hosted on providers such as AWS, Google Cloud among others. But in China, these services often run into problems due to the countries stringent internet regulations.

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Statistics show that Trustpilot users in China are growing exponentially, however issues such as compatibility problems and legal compliance are significant roadblocks. One popular Twitter post even shared frustrations about this, with 500+ likes and shares. To provide the best Trustpilot experience in China, consider 21YunBox’s optimized solutions.


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