Understanding Canny in China: A deep dive into its challenges

Discover why and how Canny, the popular technology, encounters specific issues in China. From speed/loading to legal issues, get all the insights here.

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Canny is an innovative technological framework that serves companies by capturing user feedback in one organized place. This platform is a boon for product managers, customer success departments, and marketing teams among organizations worldwide. It helps to provide clarity about what customers want, thereby fueling growth and enhancement.

Impressively, Canny is adopted by large companies including Lyft, Indeed, Udacity, and Benchling, indicating its vast appeal across various sectors. These companies range from tech startups to established enterprises that handle thousands of customer feedbacks daily.

Moreover, companies based in Silicon Valley such as Canva rely heavily on this technology. Its use extends to the field of biotech, with Benchling—a collaborative platform for life sciences—also incorporates Canny for managing complex customer feedback and suggestions.


Despite being a versatile platform, Canny encounters challenges within the Chinese market due to strict digital policies and infrastructural differences. These frontiers can primarily be classified into issues related to speed and legalities.

Canny, hosted on Google’s Cloud Platform Google Cloud Documentation, faces difficulty in China due to compatibility problems. The technology often experiences speed or loading issues, often linked to CDN, essentially causing a slowdown on sites. Understanding this aspect would benefit from our related post.

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This brings us to legal and compliance issues. Navigating Chinese policies can be challenging. Canny needs to meet specific criteria to remain compliant and operate smoothly within China. More on this can be found in our detailed blog post:

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In conclusion, while Canny remains an efficient tool for international companies, it can benefit significantly from adapting to Chinese digital infrastructures and rules. With appropriate planning and strategic integrations, it’s possible to maximize Canny’s potential within the Chinese market.


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