Overcoming Challenges with Benchmark Email in China

Learn about Benchmark Email and the intricate issues it faces in efficient functioning within China due to regional compatibility problems.

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Benchmark Email is a robust email marketing platform, extensively used by businesses to create impactful email campaigns. It allows users to design personalized emails using its wide array of templates, automate the marketing process, and utilize analytics to monitor their campaign performance.

Businesses such as Honda, Oxford University Press, Roxy, Cottonelle, and Posh Peanut utilize Benchmark Email. These companies range from the automotive sector to education and e-commerce, indicating the diverse applicability of this software.

Benchmark Email employs cloud infrastructure for its operations. Their official documentation can be found here.


Despite its wide usability, Benchmark Email experiences issues when operating within China. The significant issues can be broadly categorized into speed/loading problems and legal/compliance challenges.

Speed problems arise mainly due to compatibility issues between the site and the region. The site takes a longer time to load, leading to a sub-optimal user experience. You can learn more about these speed issues in this info-packed article: CDN or 21YunBox: Which one do you need for China?

Apart from technical challenges, companies also face potential legal and compliance issues due to strict regional policies. This comprehensive post details these tricky legal landscapes: Make Your Site Compliant in China

Link: What type of technology does Benchmark Email use?

Luckily, solutions exist. 21YunBox provides website and app acceleration services tailored for the specific needs of the Chinese market. Whether you’re a business struggling with email delivery in China or an individual seeking a fast, compliant solution, 21YunBox presents an ideal choice.


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