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Coveo, an artificial intelligence-based digital experience platform, is known for creating seamless digital experiences, personalizing interactions, and maximizing revenue for businesses. Known worldwide, its suite of cloud-based applications is used by various industry leaders, including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Sitecore, Lithium, and Xero.

These organizations use Coveo to deliver relevant recommendations and predictive content to connect and engage with their audience effectively. From tech giants to e-commerce enterprises, their varying scales-ranging from multinational corporations to growing startups - underscore the flexibility and robustness of Coveo.

Coveo is hosted on a reliable cloud infrastructure, as highlighted in their official documentation Coveo Cloud Overview. This makes it ready for deployment for companies of varying sizes, based anywhere in the world.


Despite its benefits, Coveo users face unique challenges when deploying this technology in China. Initial problems arise from speed and loading issues due to compatibility problems with local sites. As explained in this post:

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Another challenge lies within the sphere of legal and compliance issues. These stem from different regulatory rules in Mainland China, detailed in this post:

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To further complicate things, hosting providers such as AWS and Google Cloud, which Coveo might default to, can suffer occasional blockages due to the Great Firewall of China.

Interesting Stats About Coveo

Coveo has an impressive 425% ROI over five years - highlighting the massive potential for businesses.

For social posts about Coveo, #coveoimpact on Twitter remains popular, with users sharing their positive experiences with the platform.


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