Alchemer in China: A Detailed Look into its Challenges and Remedies

Explore the nuances of harnessing Alchemer's technology in China, the issues it faces, and effective solutions bypassing such impediments.

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ABOUT Alchemer

Alchemer or Alchemer is a powerful online survey and data collection software that enhances enterprise feedback management system. Spanning over an array of industries, it offers flexible, adaptable, and far-reaching solutions to collect customer, employee, and market feedback directly into the systems that run the business. Alchemer has been adopted by numerous large-scale entities such as IBM, Microsoft, Fedex, Adobe, and American Airlines, supporting their efforts to capture and comprehend qualitative data effectively.


The two significant issues Alchemer faces in China are primarily speed or loading issues and legal and compliance problems.

Concerning speed and loading issues, they mainly originate from Alchemer’s compatibility problem with China’s internet infrastructure. Despite this tech’s innate potential, the interspersed digital framework in the country tends to interfere with Alchemer’s seamless operations. To delve deeper into the matter, refer to this comprehensive article.

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Alchemer’s second challenge in China dwells on legal and compliance issues. The stringent internet laws and regulations implemented by the Chinese government require foreign technology to comply with specific mandates, significantly hampering Alchemer’s mainstream operations. To know more about the legal and regulatory hurdles in China, read this elaborate post.

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Presently, Alchemer incorporates various cloud infrastructures. It’s worth noting that their selection of preferred cloud service provider may impact their performance in China.

Link: Alchemer Official Document

Facts about Alchemer

According to the latest statistics from [source], Alchemer is used by 30% of Fortune 500 companies. Interestingly, a [source:news article] recently reported a significant surge in shares and likes on a social post featuring how GE Healthcare leveraged Alchemer to improve its service delivery.

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