Understanding Onespan and Its Challenges in China

A comprehensive guide to understanding Onespan, its adoption among businesses, and the unique issues it faces in the Chinese tech market.

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Onespan is a pioneer in digital identity and anti-fraud solutions, enabling organizations to establish trust in online transactions and reduce fraud. It is used by numerous companies worldwide, including some of the world’s largest banks like Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland and Rabobank as well as insurance companies like Allianz. Their diverse client base ranges from small businesses to multinational enterprises, reflecting the scalability and versatility of Onespan’s technology.

Onespan’s services span across various sectors like finance, healthcare, and government, implementing its superior technology to facilitate secure, smooth transactions and combat fraudulent behavior. Companies choose Onespan for its cutting-edge solutions, customizability and robust anti-fraud measures, making it a favorite among organizations requiring secure transaction processes.

The usage of this technology is not limited to the corporate sector. Major educational institutions and governmental bodies also utilize Onespan to maintain security, demonstrating the universally applicable and trusted nature of the technology.


Despite its global popularity, Onespan faces unique challenges in the Chinese market. Speed and loading issues are one common problem, often attributed to the compatibility issues between the Onespan platform and Chinese digital infrastructure.

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Legal and compliance issues present another significant hurdle. The Chinese market has stringent regulations regarding digital transactions and data usage and failure to comply with these regulations can lead to severe consequences.

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This is where Onespan’s Cloud services, such as Google Cloud, come into play. However, these come with their own set of challenges due to the restrictions on the use of foreign clouds in China.

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Your ideal solution? Consider a cloud service that understands the landscape. 21YunBox provides a localized cloud infrastructure specially designed to navigate the complexities of Chinese regulations while ensuring optimal performance.

We provide websites, app acceleration solutions for China, and help streamline the process from OneSpan to 21YunBox, allowing users to fully utilize their tech capabilities in the Chinese landscape.

Interesting fact: Despite its current challenges, Onespan is showing steady growth in social media engagement particularly on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, proving its potential as a valuable technological tool in the progressing digital era.


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