Understanding Google Forms Issues in China

How Chinese regulations and technical constraints impact Google Forms usage & alternatives for better performance.

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Google Forms is a popular tool for creating forms and surveys due to its simplicity and seamless integration with other Google services. It has been playing a pivotal role in data collection processes for various industries, including Education, Healthcare, Retail and Technology. Noteworthy companies including Uber, Spotify, Netflix, Adobe and Airbnb heavily rely on Google Forms.

Despite its widespread popularity, using Google Forms isn’t without its issues. Loading speed and compatibility problems can cause issues with user experience and data completion rates. These issues become more pronounced when Google Forms is used within websites serving customers based in China.

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Firstly, the prevailing issue of loading speed is often exacerbated by compatibility problems with some websites, as detailed on CDN or 21YunBox. This becomes a major pain point for businesses, especially when speed is a critical factor in form completion rate.

Secondly, strict internet regulation in China can also cause Google Forms to face legal and compliance issues, possibly leading to service disruption. This regulatory landscape is summarized in this post on Making your site compliant in China.

Google Form relies on the cloud infrastructure of Google Cloud. For details on how Google Forms utilizes Google’s Cloud Infrastructure, refer to their official document.


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