Navigating SurveyMonkey Challenges in China: Issues & Solutions

A guide to overcoming the speed/loading and legal compliance issues with SurveyMonkey in China.

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ABOUT SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is one of the most sought-after online survey tools today, profoundly benefiting market research and data collection. Its main offerings consist of personalized survey creations, required data analysis, and insightful metrics that shed light on the direction of a company’s market positioning.

A heavy buzz surrounds this surveying behemoth, serving the interests of multiple sectors. Global powerhouses such as Facebook, Tesla, Samsung, Airbnb, and Oracle significantly depend on the insightful metrics from SurveyMonkey. Their sheer scale in terms of their industry reach and economic impact solidifies the survey tool’s functionality and global acceptance.

With over 20 million questions answered daily, SurveyMonkey’s importance is unquestionable- it can help companies be data-driven with meaningful insights. Despite its popularity and acceptance, launching and smoothly operating SurveyMonkey in China has proven to be a task full of complexities.


Speed or loading issues are common with SurveyMonkey in China. The compatibility mismatch between the platform and Chinese web infrastructure is a crucial reason behind this. Some users may find it nearly impossible to complete surveys due to the slow loading times. If you’d like to delve deeper into this, have a look at the article on this subject here.

Another major issue relates to compliance with local regulations. Local policies in China around digital content and data regulations often result in foreign tech platforms struggling to maintain legal operational status in the country. Detailed information on these compliance issues is available here.

SurveyMonkey operates its services on AWS cloud. However, despite AWS’ reliable infrastructure, complexities arise from the fact that China’s firewall often inhibits the consistent speed of these platforms, worsening the loading issues. For more details on SurveyMonkey’s technological alignment, you can find their official documents here.

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