The Essentials of Sharethis Technology and Its Performance in China

Learn about Sharethis, how it's used by big corporations, and the unique challenges it faces in the Chinese market.

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Sharethis is a widely-used platform for sharing digital content across the web. It provides tools for web owners to enable visitors to share content to their social media platforms seamlessly. Sharethis’s technology dramatically improves user engagement and increases content visibility online.

Several top-tier companies utilize Sharethis to enhance their web sharing capacities. These include high grossing firms like the New York Times, MakeMyTrip, and Zillow. Such companies use Sharethis to improve user engagement and expand their reach on multiple social media platforms.

Sharethis’s technology is designed to respect privacy while stoking interaction among users. Despite this, Sharethis has run into substantive issues when operating in China.


In China, Sharethis grapples with two significant problems. First, its technology often experiences loading and speed issues due to compatibility problems with local Chinese sites. You can find a thorough analysis of these issues here.

Secondly, Sharethis also confronts legal and compliance issues in China. China has stringent regulations and unique internet governance structures that international firms often find tough to navigate. Please learn more here.

According to Sharethis’s infrastructure description, the company utilizes multiple cloud services including Amazon Web Services (AWS). Their multi-cloud strategy helps ensure service availability and reliability, however, it can encounter problems considering AWS’s issues in China.

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