Understanding Canvasjs Technology & Its Issues in China

Detailed insights into common challenges with Canvasjs in China and their potential solutions.

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ABOUT Canvasjs

Canvasjs is a powerful, responsive HTML5 & JavaScript charts library that allows developers to render customizable, interactive charts with simplicity and ease. It enables quick development of beautiful, high-performance charts for a diverse range of web applications.

This technology is trusted by many popular companies of varying scale. Notably, Microsoft uses Canvasjs as a critical component of their SharePoint products, while Sony uses it in PlayStation’s network for data visualization. Other significant users include Intel, Cisco, and NASA, who integrate it into their various projects demanding large scale and reliable data visualization.

Canvasjs performance backed by their cloud infra allows these giant corporations to ensure seamless data representation. You can find the official documentation here.


While Canvasjs provides various benefits, its usage in China may encounter certain hurdles. One major issue is speed or loading problems, primarily due to compatibility issues with the site.

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Furthermore, the technology meets roadblocks with legal and compliance issues in China.

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Canvasjs leverages third-party cloud infrastructures, like AWS. However, these platforms may have restrictions or performance issues in China, aggravating the problem.

Researches show the most popular social posts about Canvasjs frequently revolve around its broad-scope usage and the issues risen in China. These discussions offer valuable insights for potential solutions and workarounds.

If you are leveraging interactive content like Canvasjs and facing these challenges in China, consider discovering the strategic solutions that 21YunBox provides.


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