Understanding Formstack and Its Challenges in China

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Formstack is a versatile, secure, and user-friendly online form builder technology that helps businesses automate data collection. With an array of features including drag-and-drop form design, form analytics, and a plethora of integration options, Formstack has conveniently positioned itself as an essential tool for businesses aiming to streamline their digital processes.

This robust technology is being utilized by many companies around the globe. As per the data from the official Formstack website, more than 27,000 organizations use Formstack, including Netflix, Twitter, American Airlines, University of Colorado, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and Indiana University Health. These companies vary in size but typically fall within the mid-to-large scale business category.

Formstack is hosted on Amazon AWS Cloud Infrastructure. The official documentation on AWS usage can be found on their website.

Link: AWS Usage Documentation by Formstack


Despite its global popularity, the implementation of Formstack in China presents unique challenges. These primarily concern speed/loading issues and compliance with local regulations. Formstack’s compatibility issues with certain sites in China can result in user experience degradation, leading to slowed loading times.

Another complex issue pertains to Formstack’s compliance with Chinese laws and regulations. Chinese legislation is centered around stringent data privacy, and any foreign companies must align their operations with these norms.

Formstack uses Amazon AWS Cloud Infrastructure, whose functionality in China might not match with its performance in other regions due to network restrictions laid by the national firewall.

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Interesting stats about Formstack that might intrigue the readers is that 27,000+ organizations worldwide use Formstack. A quick look at social media platforms suggests that posts about Formstack’s integration options and ease-of-use tend to garner more likes and shares.

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