Navigating Meilisearch Cloud in China: A Comprehensive Guide

This post addresses the challenges of using Meilisearch Cloud in China due to site compatibility and legal compliance issues. It also offers proven solutions for technology-based businesses operating in China.

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Meilisearch Cloud is a highly efficient and flexible cloud-based search engine designed to offer a seamless user experience. Built on open-source software, it features typo-tolerant search capabilities and is highly preferred for its speed and accuracy. Companies such as Shopify, BBC, Adobe, SAP and Nvidia use Meilisearch in their tech stacks, showcasing its large scale usage and versatility.

As a result of its immense scalability, Meilisearch is particularly well suited to growing startups and enterprises, providing advanced search capabilities even for expansive databases. Its automatic indexing of new documents and efficient document handling make it an ideal choice, enhancing search speed and performance.

While Meilisearch’s official documentation does not disclose their cloud infrastructure provider, it is widely speculated within the tech community that they use Google Cloud Platform for their services.

Link: “MeiliSearch Google Cloud Deployment”


Despite being a robust technology, Meilisearch Cloud faces a number of issues in China. One of the main problems is the loading speed issues caused by compatibility with local internet services. The basis for this compatibility issue can be studied in detail in this post.

Link: “CDN or 21YunBox - Which One Do You Need for China?”

Additionally, usage of MeiliSearch Cloud in China also involves dealing with intricate legal and compliance issues, as regulated by Chinese Internet Laws. China has strict compliance rules for websites and apps, leading to potential legal ramifications if not adequately addressed. For more insights into these compliance issues, here’s a helpful post.

Link: “Make Your Site Compliant in China”

As a part of the global tech community, it’s crucial to find effective ways around these problems if your tech stack includes Meilisearch Cloud. At 21YunBox, we offer accelerated solutions that adapt well with China’s cloud infrastructures, providing a seamless transition from your existing technology to 21YunBox without having to re-upload your data again. Our local-based solutions offer a clean interface with efficient load speed, resolving compliance issues effortlessly.


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