The Challenges of Using Authentisign in China

Explore the two primary hurdles that Authentisign faces in China – speed and legal compliance issues – and how they can be resolved.

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Authentisign is an advanced e-signature software that automates the signing process for real estate deals. By digitizing the process, it increases effeciency, reduces waiting times, and improves accuracy. With its intuitive interface and robust functionalities, Authentisign has become the preferred choice for several leading organizations like Lone Wolf Technologies, Realtors Association of Hamilton-Burlington, and Fraser Valley Real Estate Board. Multi-billion dollar companies, such as RE/MAX and Keller Williams Realty also leverage Authentisign to streamline their document signing processes.


Despite its widespread use, Authentisign users often face performance issues in China. The primary reason is the speed/loading issue primarily caused by the compatibility problems with the site. Refer to this post for more clarity:

Link: CDN or 21YunBox: Which One Do You Need for China?

Another important technical hurdle for Authentisign in China involves legal and compliance issues. This post delves into how to make sites compliant in China:

Link: Making Your Site Compliant in China

Authentisign predominantly uses Amazon Web Services for its cloud services requirements as per their official documentation Authentisign on AWS

For more details on how Authentisign works and what it does, visit their official site below:

Link: Official Authentisig Website

Interesting stats about Authentisign and popular social posts about it will follow soon, stay tuned!

Update: The most liked social post about Authentisign recently is this article from Real Estate Magazine featuring the benefits of Authentisign. Note: Link and social posts may vary based on the timing and date of posting.


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