The Essentials of Jotform and Its Challenges in China Market

Understand the nuances of Jotform, its user-base, core functionality problems when used in China, and the available fixes for these.

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Jotform is an online tool that facilitates creating and publishing interactive forms. Used by major corporations like Ford, Linkedin, and Twitter, it enables collection and management of data in a seamless and efficient manner. Its advanced features like encryption, embedded forms, and third-party apps integrations have attracted over 5 million users across different scale-levels globally. Renowned educational institutions like Harvard University and Stanford University, employ Jotform to gather, manage and process data in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

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While Jotform renders top-notch services globally, its performance in China often faces stumbling blocks. Key issues include speed and loading problems that largely stem from a compatibility issue with the site. In addition, there are legal and compliance issues that further restrict seamless usability.

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Jotform hosting services rely heavily on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its cloud infrastructure. Although AWS provides world-class services, the Great Firewall has adversely affected speed and reliability in the China region.


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