Understanding Medallia and its Challenges in China

Explore the utilization of Medallia in China and the issues faced in terms of speed, compatibility, compliance, and legal aspects. This article provides insights for companies using Medallia in China.

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Medallia is a leading pioneer in experience management, providing brands with intricate real-time insights regarding online customer experience. This platform enables companies to monitor the customer experience across various digital platforms, thereby enhancing customer retention and ensuring high brand loyalty.

Companies such as PayPal, Sephora, Autodesk, Airbnb, and Zurich Insurance extensively use Medallia. This wide-ranging list of well-established companies underscores the weight of Medallia’s influence in the realm of customer experience management.

On the scalability front, Medallia is highly adaptable. It rides high on a global scale, supporting over a billion surveys annually in more than 60 languages – enough to serve global giants and swiftly growing businesses.


Despite its wide scale adoption, Medallia operations within China often fall victim to speed and loading issues. This is attributed to compatibility issues between the site and local networks.

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Furthermore, businesses face stringent legal and compliance bottlenecks when using foreign tech like Medallia within China. China’s cyber sovereignty law poses unique challenges that foreign companies must navigate to successfully operate.

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Medallia, like many other tech services, utilizes various cloud infrastructures such as AWS, which may not always offer the most optimal speed and compatibility inside China.

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Just as fascinating stats hover around the benefit of Medallia, there are concerns around its efficacy in China. Irrespective of any challenges, however, the conversation around Medallia remains prominent in social circle. Let’s continue the discussion and make your experience in China a smooth sail with 21YunBox.

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