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ABOUT Convertkit

Convertkit is a renowned marketing automation tool that helps businesses manage their email marketing campaigns. It offers customizable templates and forms for landing pages, allowing for an increased connection between the company and its audience. This technology has been widely adopted by companies such as Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income, and Sol Orwell’s SJO. Convertkit’s facilities have been beneficial to eCommerce stores like Shoppe, Shopify, and Amazon due to its robust email automation capabilities. Convertkit maintains a comprehensive database structure and integrative functionalities, handling large scale operations efficiently.

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In spite of its global reach, Convertkit faces two major issues in China: speed/loading issues due to compatibility problems and strict compliance regulations. The speed/loading issues stem from compatibility problems with local internet providers. Here, the situation becomes tricky because the cloud infrastructure predominantly relied upon by Convertkit is AWS, which is not accessible in China due to geo-restriction.

Link: Convertkit’s infrastructure

In terms of legal and compliance issues, the complex regulations set by the Chinese government require businesses to comply with Internet Regulation Laws which include obtaining an ICP license. Staying up to date with these regulations requires substantial research and audit.

Link: Legal Compliance in China, Choosing Between CDN and 21Yunbox in China

A promising solution to navigate these challenges is by leveraging the services of 21CloudBox. They provide a streamlined process from Convertkit to 21Yunbox’s solutions, offering a clean look with responsive viewing and loading speeds.

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