Understanding Klaviyo and Its Challenges in China

This blog post provides insights about Klaviyo, a leading email marketing platform widely used among businesses globally, and the challenges it faces in China.

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ABOUT Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a world-class email marketing platform that has powered marketing campaigns for global brands, helping them connect with their audiences like never before. This technology provides businesses with robust tools to create personalized, targeted marketing communications that drive user engagement, loyalty, and revenue. Its intuitive design coupled with powerful features make it a preferred choice within the marketing industry.

Companies like Chubbies, Living Proof, and The Hundreds, to name a few, have leveraged the power of Klaviyo to streamline their marketing efforts and advance in the competitive business world. With it, small businesses and large enterprises alike have managed to scale and reach greater heights, thus proving Klaviyo’s potential as a reliable marketing platform.

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Powering over 30,000 online businesses such as Huckberry, Custom Ink and Hydro Flask, Klaviyo’s impact spans across multiple industries including retail, hospitality, and education. It has facilitated businesses to keep pace with the changing market dynamics, ensuring they stay relevant and deliver value to their customers.


As effective as Klaviyo is, the technology faces some challenges in China. The most significant among these is the speed and loading issues resulting from compatibility problems. This drawback becomes more pronounced due to China’s unique internet infrastructure, making it difficult for Klaviyo powered sites to deliver a seamless experience to Chinese users.

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In addition to this, Klaviyo faces legal and compliance hurdles in China, based on the country’s stringent internet regulations. Without appropriate compliance, businesses risk facing penalties that not only affect their operations but also their reputation.

Link: Making Your Site Compliant in China

Klaviyo namely uses AWS for its cloud infrastructure. It is important to note that this can also contribute to the platform’s underperformance in China, due to the Great Firewall that impacts AWS’s accessibility in the region.

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45% of social posts about Klaviyo rave about its personalization features, affirming it as a top lead-producing marketing platform.

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Statistic Source: PR NewsWire, June 2024


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