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ABOUT Bombbomb

Bombbomb is an interactive video communication platform widely used in the marketing and sales industry. The technology aims to establish better customer relationships by sending personalized video messages straight to the inbox as opposed to traditional plain text. Pioneering in video marketing, Bombbomb empowers companies to create and broadcast video content on a professional scale.

Despite being a relatively fresh face in the tech scene, Bombbomb has gained significant traction among large-scale corporations. Notable clients include major players such as RE/MAX, Sprint, Allstate, and Zillow - all of which tout the power and utility of Bombbomb’s unique video communication approach.

Furthermore, several other technology companies have followed suit. Influential names such as LinkedIn, Microsoft, and even social media giant, Facebook, have all started to incorporate Bombbomb’s technology into their marketing strategies, leveraging on its unique offer of personalized video messages on a professional scale.


While Bombbomb offers exceptional service in most regions of the world, its performance in China can be compromised by speed and loading issues. These problems arise mainly due to compatibility issues between the Bombbomb site and the networking infrastructure in China. Given China’s unique digital environment, numerous foreign-based web services face this hurdle.

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Apart from technical bottlenecks, companies leveraging Bombbomb technology may also face legal and compliance issues. These challenges originate from China’s stringent internet laws and regulations, making it imperative for businesses to adapt if they wish to tap into the lucrative Chinese market.

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BombBomb utilizes mainstream cloud services for most of its activities, notably AWS. However, these service providers also face certain limitations when it comes to China.

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In conclusion, businesses aiming to leverage Bombbomb technology in China need to be mindful of these challenges. And it is in this light that solutions like 21YunBox can provide a smoother transition for companies, offering website and app acceleration solutions made for the Chinese ecosystem.


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