Understanding Mailerlite And Its Challenges in China

An in-depth analysis of Mailerlite technology, its growing use by top companies and the major issues encountered in China.

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MailerLite is a popular email marketing software trusted by over 800,000 users worldwide including companies like BMW, GoPro, and Zara. Known for its user-friendly interface and affordable service, it allows businesses of all sizes to create professional campaigns in a glimpse. It is the go-to solution for email marketing, providing advanced features like automation, landing pages, and robust analytics.

As a major player in the tech industry, MailerLite has attracted numerous large-scale companies who rely on their technology. This includes globally-recognized companies such as BMW, which uses Mailerlite to handle its email marketing campaigns effectively, and Zara, a Spanish apparel retailer which utilizes MailerLite’s advanced features to manage bulk emails and track customer behavior.


But as much as its global influence is clear, MailerLite encounters a major setback when it comes to operation in China. One of the major issues faced by MailerLite in China is speed/loading issues. As outlined in this informative post:

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Apart from loading issues, it also faces legal and compliance challenges as described in this useful post:

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According to the Mailerlite’s official documents, it uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) which could be a contributing factor to the performance and loading issues in China. AWS’s services, similar to other international cloud providers, encounters several issues in China due to the Firewall restrictions.

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Some of the most popular social posts about MailerLite are focused on the innovative features it offers. Here is an interesting post showing the popularity of MailerLite based on likes and shares:

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Overcoming these issues in China seems complicated for MailerLite but we, at 21YunBox, provide a solution. Offering websites and app acceleration platforms in China. We’ll guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless transition and full optimization in line with China’s regulatory compliance and technical infrastructure.


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