Understanding Smartsheet in China: A Deep Dive into Its Issues

Discover the challenges of using Smartsheet in China and how they can be overcome. From compatibility issues to compliance, here's what you need to know.

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Smartsheet is a high-powered project management tool that is used to manage, automate and streamline the workflow. It facilitates deeper collaboration between teams, empowering them to reach their potential. Major companies like Netflix, Cisco, and Hilton use Smartsheet to streamline their project management and collaboration efforts. It’s a highly scalable solution, able to cater to small startups to multinational brands.

Such widespread usage points towards the app’s comprehensive feature sets - it offers tools to manage budgets, timelines, track project progress, and facilitate team communication. Leveraging Smartsheet’s cloud-based architecture, companies experience seamless project management capabilities wherever they are, infusing agility into their operations and boosting efficiency.

However, when using Smartsheet in China, users may face a number of challenges. This powerful tool utilizes cloud infrastructures like Google Cloud and AWS, both of which face accessibility issues in China causing slow load times and intermittent connection failures. Following the link for more about Smartsheet’s infrastructure.


In China, there are two critical challenges when using Smartsheet. The most debilitating concern is the slow loading speeds which are due to compatibility issues relating to cloud infrastructures. Cloud infrastructures such as AWS and Google Cloud, both used by Smartsheet, frequently experience slow load times and intermittent connection failures. You can learn more about the speed issues in this 21Cloudbox post.

Secondly, websites and technologies have to adapt to unique rules and regulations when operating in China. Websites have to comply with the Internet Content Provider (ICP) license, a legal requirement for any website wishing to operate in China. This compliance issue is detailed further in this post.

Despite these challenges, Smartsheet remains a popular collaboration tool in China due its robust feature set, serving companies such as SF Express, NIIT, and CSSCorp. Its increasing popularity underpins the need for solutions to navigate these complications, ensuring a seamless user experience across the country.

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