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ABOUT Commerce Layer

Commerce Layer, started in 2017, is a headless commerce platform and order management system. It features customizations for almost every element of your site, especially global shopping. You can leverage APIs to add global shopping capabilities to any channel.

Like Shopify, Commerce Layer is a fully-managed SaaS product. But instead of providing an all-in-one solution, it provides an ecommerce transactional platform that lets you integrate with the ideal CMS of your choice.

With an API-first architecture, it readily integrates with the leading headless CMSs such as Contentful, DatoCMS, Sanity, GraphCMS, and others for both product catalog and editorial content management. Traditional CMSs like Wordpress, Drupal, or Adobe Experience Manager are also supported.

International brands such as Chilly’s, Thommen Medical, and SumUp trust Commerce Layer with their global storefronts.


Many popular platforms commonly used to host Commerce Layer, don’t work in China. As a result, most Commerce Layer site’s either won’t open or are extremely slow in China.

Most of these platforms including Netlify and Vercel, don’t work in China due to the Great Firewall of China and other legal issues.

To show you what we mean, we ran a China speed test on a Commerce Layer enterprise user, SumUps, which Vercel powers.

Commerce Layer does not work out-of-the-box in China
Commerce Layer does not work out-of-the-box in China

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Make Your Site Work Within the Great Firewall of China

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