Developers have contactedg 21YunBox to ask why their apps are no longer available in Mainland China. After communicating with Chinese app stores and government departments, 21YunBox has compiled the four most common reasons for this occurrence.

1. Missing legally required licenses, certificates, and filings in China

New regulations have been put in place to regulate China’s fast-moving app market, ensuring that only qualified publishers can publish apps after a thorough review of the app, the publishing entity, and intellectual property ownership. It will be removed if an app does not meet the requirements communicated by the app stores.

Apple requires an Approval number to publish apps in China App Store.
Apple requires an Approval number to publish apps in China App Store.

The most commonly required licenses, certificates, and filings include the Internet Content Provider (ICP) Filing and the Software Copyright Certificate (SCC) Filing. Additional licenses may also be required depending on the industry. If you are unsure what licenses you may need for China, feel free to contact us for a free assessment.

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2. The app does not comply with data security and information protection laws in China.

An app may not have been modified to comply with new data security and information protection laws. App developers publishing in China are expected to keep up with changes in data security and information protection laws. Apps that collect personal information must follow protocols for data localization, security measures, and registration with relevant authorities.

3. The app lacks a built-in content review system.

An app may lack a built-in content review system. Content review is necessary to ensure that apps do not contain illegal or disruptive content. Publishing platforms implement pre-distribution content review, while app developers implement post-publishing content review to monitor and moderate user-generated content. We have systems and APIs to help your websites and apps to comply with this law with ease. Just reach out to us and see how you can integrate this into your system.

4. The app lacks regular updates.

An app may not be updated regularly. App stores have their own protocols for app update frequency, and apps that do not receive updates may be removed from stores.

The Takeaway

To get your app distributed to China quickly requires you to get the required licenses and follow the laws.

If developers are experiencing issues with app distribution in app stores in China, 21YunBox can provide a consultation and offer solutions for compliance.

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