Understanding the Challenges of Shopify’s Langify Plugin in the Chinese Market

Discover the intricacies of Shopify's Langify Plugin, comprehend the issues it confronts in China and learn how to mitigate these challenges.

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Langify, a popular Shopify plugin, helps business owners break language barriers by translating their eCommerce stores. Large businesses such as Gymshark, Drake’s and even Shopify themselves benefit from Langify’s intuitive design. Other well-known adopters include Heinz, Bulletproof, and Boll & Branch, emphasizing the plugin’s critical role in international commerce and its scalability.

As a third-party tool, Langify aids in the configuration of a multilingual store, primarily focusing on translation rather than file export. It allows merchants to provide a multilingual shopping experience to their clientele, offering translation options in more than 200 languages.

Link: Shopify Langify Plugin


For eCommerce businesses, the Chinese market can be quite lucrative. However, there exist multiple issues in using Langify within China due to speed/loading issues and legal and compliance challenges.

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In terms of server infrastructure, while Shopify is hosted with Fastly, an edge cloud platform, issues still exist owing to the Great Firewall of China. This causes a slower speed and compatibility issue for Shopify and subsequently, the Langify plugin.

Furthermore, websites that want to operate in China must comply with strict Chinese regulations, which adds another layer of complexity when using Langify in China.

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