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ABOUT Stackbit

Founded in 2019, Stackbit is a site builder that lets you bring your own code, headless CMS, and workflow.

The true power of Stackbit lies in its visual editor. It’s no-code/low-code solution allows marketers and content creators to work independently while fully respecting the developer’s design system and composable headless stack.

Stackbit integrates with any stack, which allows you to bring your own web framework, CSS Tooling, CI/CD workflows, ect. Technologies supported include: Next.js, Angular, Gatsby.js, React, Sanity , Contentful, Netlify, Vercel and many others.

According to, in 2022, 2,400+ websites were using Stackbit worldwide.

Enterprise companies like Takeda, Telus, and Newtopia utilize Stackbit to streamline their workflow.


Over 90% of Stackbit sites take 30+ seconds to load in China and are missing 20%+ of its content.

The issue with Stackbit in China is that most hosting providers used with Stackbit don’t work in China.

For example, popular hosting platforms that integrate with Stackbit, like Netlify and Vercel don’t work in China because they:

  1. Are not compliant with China Cybersecurity laws.
  2. Have no servers in mainland China. As a result, most sites built with Stackbit are not stable, or not accessible in China.

To show you what we mean, we ran a China speed test on a Stackbit enterprise user, to see how it performs in China.

Stackbit built website's do not work out-of-the-box in China
Stackbit built website's do not work out-of-the-box in China

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