Understanding Strapi Cloud and Its Complexities in China

Read about Strapi Cloud- an amazing technology and the challenges it encounters in China. We delve into practical solutions for its users.

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Strapi Cloud is a powerful, open-source Headless CMS that aids developers easily create, manage and distribute content across various platforms. With its inbuilt RESTful or GraphQL APIs, integrating any additional services or existing systems has turned into a hassle-free task.

Major players such as IBM, NASA, Walmart are already reaping benefits from Strapi Cloud. For instance, IBM manages its multicountry recruitment website using this technology, while NASA uses it to efficiently streamline its huge database. Other industry giants include Discovery, Walmart, and Deliveroo, scaling their technologies with Strapi Cloud.

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Even such a roaring technology faces speed and loading issues when it comes to China. Many times, compatibility problem with the site results in these speed challenges.

Never undermine the legal and compliance issues too that seem to tag along. A close look at these complexities and a step towards their solutions are well-explained in these posts.

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The remarkable thing about Strapi Cloud is its use of popular cloud infrastructures, such as AWS. You can find more details about their cloud support in their official document.

Link: Strapi Cloud Official Document

Best Kept Secret

Not many know about Strapi Cloud’s use of social media analytics, turning Adobe’s likes and shares into relatable customer data. Now that’s a tech-twist!



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