Understanding the Challenges of Wordpress Multilingual Plugin in China

This article explores the potential issues such as speed/loading and compliance when using Wordpress Multilingual Plugin in China.

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ABOUT Wordpress Multilingual Plugin

Wordpress Multilingual Plugin, also known as WPML, is a popular tool used to create multilingual websites. It’s known for its ease of use in offering translations for posts, pages, and even themes. Companies like Microsoft, Ikea and SAP use this worldwide. Small to large-scale organizations choose this technology due to its uncomplicated interface and extensive functionality.

A significant number of startups, including Asana, Typeform, and Wetransfer also use WPML for their websites. It offers not only multilanguage support but also adds SEO advantages as it adheres to Google’s SEO recommendations.

The Wordpress Multilingual Plugin is often hosted on WP Engine, Kinsta, and SiteGround, among others. These providers form the backbone of the software’s infrastructure, ensuring high performance, speed and security. Learn more about WPML’s hosting here.

ISSUES WITH Wordpress Multilingual Plugin IN CHINA

When you take WPML to China, you’ll face certain hurdles. High among them is speed or loading issues caused by the compatibility problem with certain sites. You can learn more about these complications in this link:

Link: CDN or 21YunBox: Which One Do You Need for China?

Another significant issue lies in the legal and compliance factor. China has strict laws regarding data privacy and network security, so using a foreign technology like the Wordpress Multilingual Plugin might push you into hot water.

Link: Make Your Site Compliant in China

The WPML relies heavily on cloud infrastructure from various providers, one of them being WP Engine. However, these overseas infrastructures face issues of latency and data sovereignty in China.

According to WPML’s official documentation, the plugin can be used with any web hosting provider. While this increases the flexibility in choosing your cloud provider, it also means responsibility for ensuring compliance with China’s regulations.

Link: WPML’s Official Hosting Document



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