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21YunBox helps businesses bring their websites and tech stack to China by leveraging our China-side Edge and Build system. We optimize your website at the code and system architect levels to ensure it's fully compliant with Chinese Laws.

ABOUT Contentful

Founded in 2013, Contentful is one of the most and well known enterprise headless content management systems (CMS). Its headless CMS allows teams to work together in real-time to build engaging digital experiences across channels.

While many other headless CMSs focus mainly on content delivery, Contentful’s differentiates itself by providing a central hub for assembling, editing, authoring, and managing content.

Contentful is one of the most popular providers in the headless CMS space. In 2022, Builtwith.com shows that Contentful is a leading headless CMS with 65,000+ active websites worldwide.

Global companies like Atlassian, Shiseido , and Bang & Olufsen (among others) trust Contentful to deliver their content worldwide.


Over 90% of websites using Contentful take 30+ seconds to load in China and are missing 30% + of their media content. Meaning if your visitors in China endure the 30+ second load time, they still won’t be able to see much of its content.

There are two main reasons Contentful does not work in China:

  1. Contentful is not compliant with China’s laws and regulations.

  2. Contentful does not have any servers or CDNs in China. Most websites built with Contentful’s headless CMS either won’t open or are extremely slow in China, as the speed test below shows.

Contentful CMS does not work out-of-the-box in China
Contentful CMS does not work out-of-the-box in China

Curious to see if your website built with Contentful CMS works in China? Contact us for a Free China Speed Test.

21YUNBOX FOR Contentful

21YunBox provides Contentful users with a straightforward solution to make Contentful blazing fast and compliant in China.

On top of making Contentful’s content work in China, 21YunBox offers a Netlify/Vercel-like CI/CD solution for China.

Contact us today to learn how to make Contentful work in China with your favorite stack.


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