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Founded in 2014, ButterCMS is a headless CMS. Developers love ButterCMS’s ability to build CMS-powered apps and websites in any programming language. Great for blogs, dynamic pages, and more.

One of the selling points of ButterCMS is its localization and multilanguage support, which lets users create a multilanguage app that matches the content to their audience in many different countries and regions.

In 2022, Builtwith.com shows that ButterCMS has 500+ active websites worldwide.

Companies like Salesforce, Kaplan, and Indeed (among others) already trust ButterCMS with their content pipelines worldwide.


Websites and web apps built with ButterCMS will experience issues in content deliver in China. Which often leads frusterated viewers in China to bounce because the site either won’t open or are extremely slow.

There are two main reasons ButterCMS does not work in China.

  1. ButterCMS is not compliant with China’s strict laws and regulations.

  2. ButterCMS does not have any servers or CDNs in China to serve content within the Great Firewall.

We ran a speed test on a media asset hosted on ButterCMS’s global deliver network to show you what we mean.

ButterCMS's headless CMS does not work out-of-the-box in China
ButterCMS's headless CMS does not work out-of-the-box in China

Results show most of the map on the left is red, orange, and yellow. This means the access speed is slow, and users will struggle to get the media asset to load.

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21YunBox provides the simplest solution to get ButterCMS and your website working in China, compliantly.

Our’s CI/CD platform and deep integration with ButterCMS provide everything you need to make your website available to your market in China.

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