Understanding Shogun's Performance in China

Get an in-depth insight into Shogun's technology, its application in China, and the challenges it encounters in the Chinese market.

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Shogun is a recognized platform that allows eCommerce businesses to build their online stores conveniently. The versatile drag-and-drop builder accommodates the needs of various business sizes, extending a simple approach to design compelling eCommerce platforms.

Shogun is widely used by renowned companies such as K-Swiss, MVMT Watches, and Leesa Sleep. These companies cater to vast target audiences, each having a unique commercial offering. The level of Shogun acceptance indicates its stability and proven results in the business world.

The platform operates under Shopify and Bigcommerce, and its hosting infrastructure is based on AWS Cloud (AWS Document) to deliver a seamless user experience. Thus, Shogun boasts a backend framework that facilitates efficient eCommerce business operations.

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Despite Shogun’s international acclaim, it faces challenges operating in China. One significant factor is the speed and loading issues stemming from compatibility problems with Chinese site regulations.

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Additionally, there are certain legal and compliance issues to consider while operating in China. To continue leveraging Shogun’s technology in China, businesses must meet specific legal and compliance standards set by Chinese internet governance.

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Due to the inherent cloud infrastructure’s dependency on AWS, adapting Shogun in China further introduces complex dynamics considering the Great Firewall of China, which restricts AWS-based services.

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Shogun is one of the top 11 drag-and-drop website builders globally, boasting over 12,000 active users! But, do you know what the most popular Shogun-related social post was last year? Here it is:

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