Understanding the Challenges of Shopify's Multi Country Pricing Plugin in China

Discover the technological and legal challenges associated with using Shopify's Multi Country Pricing Plugin in China and possible solutions.

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The Shopify Multi Country Pricing Plugin is an innovative tool designed to auto-change product prices based on visitors’ locations, thus providing a customized shopping experience. This technology, powered by Bold Commerce, a leading Shopify app developer, helps diverse brands to scale internationally, including renowned giants like PepsiCo, Staples, Heinz, and Delta Airlines.

The plugin enables these companies to set different pricing strategies tailored to specific countries, boosting their international sales. It has become an integral part of their eCommerce strategy, enabling them to venture into new markets while ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Shopify powers over 500,000 businesses globally, highlighting its impact and success in the eCommerce sector. However, utilizing this plugin in China, a rapidly growing eCommerce market, may pose unique challenges, as we’ll discuss below.


Scaling a Shopify store in China demands addressing two major issues: technological problems relating to speed/loading and stringent legal and compliance considerations.

Firstly, using CDN solutions may precipitate loading issues due to compatibility problems with local sites. This issue is further compounded by the lack of local cloud server infrastructure, leading to slow loading speeds that drastically harm user experience and conversions. According to Shopify’s official infrastructure information, Shopify uses Amazon Web Services. This could be problematic in China due to the often challenging internet environment.

Secondly, in China, certain legal and compliance obligations must be acknowledged to operate a site. This involves acquiring an ICP license and abiding by other regulatory standards to ensure the site remains compliant and avoids potential shutdowns.

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To maintain a top-notch site performance and ensure a superior customer experience, addressing these challenges is vital. 21YunBox offers solutions that optimize site speed and performance, while considering the legal complexities around running websites in China.

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