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21YunBox helps businesses bring their websites and tech stack to China by leveraging our China-side Edge and Build system. We optimize your website at the code and system architect levels to ensure it's fully compliant with Chinese Laws.

ABOUT StoryBlok

Storyblok is a user-friendly and powerful headless CMS.

What sets Storyblok apart from other headless CMSs is it’s ability to have a true data hierarchy. Most headless content management systems lack this ability and give you data in a flat data structure.

In 2022, Builtwith.com shows that StoryBlok had over 1000+ active websites worldwide. Serving popular brands like, Marco-Polo, Adidas, and Pizza Hut.


StoryBlok is one of the few headless CMS that claim to support China. Because StoryBlok itself is not compliant with China’s laws and regulations, they must rely on a 3rd party vendor to access Chinese CDNs. As a result, the price is passed down to StoryBlok users.

If you want to use StoryBlok’s China service, you will be looking at a minimum of $50,000, just to access their Chinese partner’s CDNs.

If you are not paying for it’s premium service, your StoryBlok hosted content will not work in China. This is because StoryBlok does not have its own servers or CDNs in China.

Most websites built with StoryBlok’s headless CMS either won’t open or are extremely slow in China. As an example, below shows StoryBlok’s access speed in China for one of its Enterprise users, the popular fashion brand Marc-o Polo.

StoryBlok's Enterprise user, www.marc-o-polo.com's, content access speed in China
StoryBlok's Enterprise user, www.marc-o-polo.com's, content access speed in China

Curious to see if your website built with StoryBlok works in China? Contact us for a Free China Speed Test.

21YUNBOX FOR StoryBlok

21YunBox provides StoryBlok users with a straightforward, budget-friendly solution to make StoryBlok hosted content blazing fast and compliant in China.

On top of making StoryBlok’s content work in China, 21YunBox also covers your hosting needs with our Netlify/Vercel like China solution.

Contact us today to learn how to make StoryBlok work in China.


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