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ABOUT Akamai

Akamai Technologies is a global company that offers a distributed network of servers. These servers work in unison to deliver content to users more efficiently through a process known as “caching”. This involves storing content on the servers nearest to the user, enabling quicker delivery and reduced latency.

Akamai’s services are invaluable for companies and organizations that need to distribute large volumes of content, such as video or software updates, to a worldwide audience. By utilizing Akamai’s network, these entities can alleviate the load on their own servers and enhance the performance and reliability of their online content. Additionally, Akamai provides security services to safeguard against online threats like DDoS attacks and malware.


Akamai’s Presence in China: Akamai Technologies, despite its global reach, does not operate its own Content Delivery Network (CDN) or Points of Presence (POPs) in China. If you require Akamai’s services in China, you must depend on its third-party providers.

Reliance on Third-Party Providers: As per Akamai, their service in China is not self-serviceable. For any modifications, you must rely on their third-party providers.

Lack of Self-Service: Unlike in other regions where customers can directly manage and make changes to their services, in China, customers must go through third-party providers for any modifications. This could potentially lead to delays and communication challenges, impacting the agility and flexibility that customers typically enjoy with Akamai’s services.

The Need for a Solution: Given these issues, there is a clear need for a solution that can provide the benefits of a CDN in China, but with greater control and self-service capabilities.


21YunBox Edge offers a self-service and ultra-fast solution for Akamai in China. It operates like a CDN in China but with added functionality for publishing entire sites and web apps. This allows businesses to fully leverage the potential of Akamai’s services in the Chinese market.

How does 21YunBox Edge work with Akamai?

21YunBox Edge works in conjunction with Akamai by leveraging the power of edge computing. Here’s a high-level overview:

Edge Computing: Edge computing refers to the practice of running code as close as possible to the end user. This is achieved by distributing the computation across a network of servers, which are strategically located around the world¹. Akamai’s EdgeWorkers service is a prime example of this, where JavaScript functions are deployed at the edge to create customized experiences for website visitors¹.

Scalable Architecture: One of the key benefits of using a service like 21YunBox Edge with Akamai is the scalable architecture. This means that as your user base grows, or if there are sudden spikes in traffic, the infrastructure can automatically scale to manage the increased load¹.

Increased Productivity: 21YunBox Edge, when used with Akamai, can increase productivity by providing developer tools that help create, test, and debug EdgeWorkers functions¹.

Closest Proximity: By executing code in close proximity to end users on the world’s largest edge platform for serverless compute, 21YunBox Edge and Akamai together can deliver content more quickly and with less latency¹.

On-Demand Code Execution: With Akamai’s edge servers, code can be executed on demand, which means it runs in response to specific events or requests¹.

In summary, 21YunBox Edge enhances Akamai’s capabilities by providing a self-service and ultra-fast solution, especially in regions like China where Akamai relies on third-party providers. It operates like a CDN but with added functionality for publishing entire sites and web apps. This allows businesses to fully leverage the potential of Akamai’s services in the Chinese market. Please note that the specifics of how 21YunBox Edge integrates with Akamai might vary based on the unique requirements of each use case. For more detailed information, you may want to reach out to 21YunBox or Akamai directly.



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