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ABOUT Akamai

Akamai Technologies is a company that provides a distributed network of servers around the world that work together to deliver content more efficiently to users. This is done through a process called “caching,” where the content is stored on the servers closest to the user so that it can be delivered more quickly and with less latency.

Akamai’s services are useful for companies and organizations that need to deliver large amounts of content, such as video or software updates, to a global audience. By using Akamai’s network, these organizations can reduce the burden on their own servers and improve the performance and reliability of their online content. In addition, Akamai also provides security services to help protect against online threats such as DDoS attacks and malware.


Akamai issues with China: Akamai does not have its own Content Delivery Network (CDN)’s or Points of Presence(POPs) in China. If you need Akamai’s service to work in China, you must rely on its 3rd party providers.

According to Akamai, it’s China’s service is not self-serviceable. To make changes, you must rely on their 3rd party providers to make the changes for you.

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