Optimizing Digital Assets: Cloudinary's Impact on Global Brands in China

Learn how global brands like Under Armour, Conde Nast, and Trivago utilize Cloudinary in China, despite unique technological challenges.

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Cloudinary is a cloud-based image and video management solution utilized by a diverse range of companies worldwide. Major brands such as Under Armour in sports apparel, Conde Nast in media, Freepik in graphic resources, Staples Canada in retail, Trivago in travel, The Knot Worldwide in wedding planning, GoFundMe in social fundraising, and Hinge in dating services, all rely on Cloudinary for their digital asset management needs. These companies, from various industries, use Cloudinary to enhance their online presence, manage large volumes of media content, and provide a superior user experience.

The platform’s versatility and scalability make it an ideal choice for handling and optimizing digital assets. With its user-friendly interface and powerful APIs, Cloudinary simplifies the management of images and videos, making it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

Cloudinary’s extensive integration capabilities allow seamless incorporation into various web development frameworks and CMS platforms, demonstrating its adaptability and efficiency in diverse operational environments.


Cloudinary supports content delivery through China-specific CDNs, a solution available for enterprise customers. This advanced feature, announced in February 2018, enables features like automatic format selection and authentication through CDNs in China.

Cloudinary has partnered with China CDNs such as Akamai and ChinaCache to facilitate content delivery within China. Akamai requires a valid Internet Content Provider (ICP) license and primarily supports HTTPS traffic, while ChinaCache offers an alternative for customers without an ICP license or those needing to deliver HTTP traffic. The choice between Akamai and ChinaCache depends on factors like cache invalidation processes and contractual requirements, each having distinct implications for media delivery with Cloudinary.

The integration timeline with a China CDN can vary. Obtaining an ICP license is a significant factor, with integrations typically taking about a week with a license. Without a license, working with ChinaCache involves contract negotiations and workflow setup for cache invalidation, potentially extending the process to 15-30 days.

In this context, 21YunBox can play a crucial role in streamlining the integration process with Cloudinary in China. As a local expert, 21YunBox can assist with navigating the complexities of ICP licensing, choosing the right CDN partner, and setting up efficient workflows, thereby reducing the integration time and ensuring compliance with Chinese regulations.

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