AWS Global Accelerator in China: Overcoming Digital Barriers

Uncover how AWS Global Accelerator faces unique operational challenges in China, and learn about effective solutions for enhanced performance and compliance.

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ABOUT AWS Global Accelerator

AWS Global Accelerator is a service that improves the availability and performance of applications by directing traffic to optimal endpoints over the AWS global network. It is widely used by multinational corporations like Netflix, Airbnb, and Adobe to deliver content efficiently across the globe.

However, in China, unique digital infrastructure challenges have affected AWS Global Accelerator’s effectiveness. The Great Firewall, along with distinct internet policies, necessitates tailored solutions for seamless operation. Companies such as Huawei and Xiaomi, with significant digital footprints in China, experience these challenges firsthand.

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One major challenge for AWS Global Accelerator in China is speed and loading issues, primarily due to compatibility problems with local networks. This impacts user experience, especially for applications requiring real-time data processing and content delivery.

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Additionally, stringent legal and compliance requirements in China pose significant hurdles. Adapting to these regulations is crucial for AWS Global Accelerator to operate without legal concerns.

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21YunBox provides solutions to optimize AWS Global Accelerator’s performance in China, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. Our expertise in the Chinese digital landscape allows us to offer effective strategies for multinational companies seeking to enhance their presence in China.

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