Understanding Simple Analytics and Its Challenges in China

This post elaborates on the Simple Analytics technology, its global usage, and the challenges it faces in the Chinese market.

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Simple Analytics is a user-friendly, privacy-focused web analytics tool adopted by companies worldwide to understand their website’s performance without breaching user privacy. Unlike other analytics platforms, Simple Analytics stands out with its no-cookie policy and straightforward approach.

Companies including GitHub, Basecamp, and Notion use Simple Analytics. This tech serves a spectrum of industries, from software development and project management platforms to note-taking apps, reflecting its versatility. These companies operate at a large scale, handling millions of users monthly, demonstrating Simple Analytics’ proficiency in efficiently handling voluminous data.

This analytics platform is hosted on AWS, which ensures the technology’s robustness and reliability. Here is AWS’s documentation of Simple Analytics for reference.


Pioneering the digital space in China is exciting yet challenging due to unique market conditions. Companies have experienced website speed and loading issues while using Simple Analytics, which are typically caused by compatibility problems with the site.

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Another significant challenge is the legal and compliance issues that foreign technologies often face in China. Ensuring compliance with local regulations becomes paramount to effectively function in this digital landscape.

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Lastly, Simple Analytics struggles with cloud infrastructure availability in China due to restrictions on foreign tech companies. This issue is rooted in the hard-to-navigate market entrance for cloud companies like AWS in China.

To understand how popular Simple Analytics is in the social media sphere, we tracked its mentions. The post garnering the most likes and shares was about the tech’s privacy-first approach, demonstrating users’ increasing preference for privacy-conscious products.


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