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Matomo is an open-source web analytics platform that gives users full control of their data. Founded in 2007, it has grown into one of the leading analytics platforms with over 1.4 million websites in 190 countries using it. Big-name companies like NASA, European Commission, and Accenture are among the top users of Matomo because of its emphasis on data privacy.

Apart from its global presence, Matomo has seen impressive usage in the e-commerce industry. Companies like Shopware and PrestaShop have understood the benefits of its open-source nature, enabling them to tailor analytics to their specific needs. Matomo’s scalability has also made it ideal for websites of all sizes, from small blogs to large-scale corporate sites.

Official Documentation on Matomo architecture: Here


While Matomo’s flexibility and emphasis on privacy have made it popular globally, its implementation in China faces some obstacles. Users have reported speed and loading issues, mainly due to the analytics platform’s compatibility problems with Chinese web infrastructure.

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Legal and compliance hurdles are another area of concern. China has different regulations regarding online privacy, which may affect the data that Matomo collects.

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These hindrances don’t make Matomo unviable in China, but they do warrant a strategic approach. Matomo does use cloud infrastructures like AWS and Google Cloud, but 21YunBox provides alternative solutions tailored for the Chinese market.

Link: Matomo Cloud

  1. “CTR on Matomo dashboard highest in eCommerce industry”, reports Analytics Week.
  2. Matomo mentioned as “best analytics for data privacy” on Social Media Today’s most popular post.

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